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The Adventure Continues

The Liar of the Seven Isles is back

in a new adventure of romance, Irish wit and Viking lust!

Face down at a gallop wasn't how Cailleach had pictured her wedding day.


The yarnspinning heroine of The Liar of the Seven Isles is kidnapped hours before her handfasting to the platinum-haired Viking she has bewitched.


Cailleach must not only survive by her wits and outfox her captors, but also unravel the mystery of The Amber Forest where her abductors have trapped her.


In hot pursuit is her fearsome Dregør, a man used to a sword, a whip and getting what he wants, and he wants his bride in his bed ... now.


The Adventure Begins ...



Spinning outrageous lies is easy for storyteller Cailleach O'Clery.

Falling in love with the platinum-haired Viking who kidnaps her ... even easier.

That is, if he can catch her.


Cailleach is a singer and yarn-spinner in the rugged Irish countryside, and her fierce independence is as fiery as the color of her hair. But in 1000 CE, not all men like her wit, intelligence and spirit. Then a longship of Viking pirates emerge in a storm to smash the trader she sails on. The handsome Northman grabs her waist and swings her off her sinking ship, and, from that moment on, she needs every bit of the canniness she possesses to survive.


Dregør Jernsen is the iron-fisted captain who claims her as his share of the trader's cargo, but he gets more than he bargains for with this beautiful woman who outsmarts him at every turn in this historical romance.


A lightning strike gives Cailleach her chance to escape, Dregør in hot pursuit.


Their chase across the Emerald Isle becomes a battle of wit against brawn in this love story that combines the tantalizing charm of Scheherazade and the adventure and epic personalities of the  Odyssey.


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